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A cursed kingdom.

A Fire Singer seeking vengeance.

And a prince who is not what he seems…


Under the silks of her circus troupe’s tent, Elyria Solaris dances with fire. She disguises her gift as showmanship, but longs for answers about why she has a power no one else possesses.


Somewhere in the city of never-ending night, Prince Cal is looking for the girl who burns the brightest. Only she can stop the horror inflicted on his kingdom by a sadistic lord who controls the minds of his victims.


When Cal spies Elyria, he knows without a doubt that she is the most beautifully dangerous thing he has ever seen. More importantly, she’s the Fire Draken he’s been waiting his whole life to find.


Moments after Cal serendipitously enters Elyria’s life, a loved one’s gruesome death sets her on the path of vengeance. Cal will do anything to protect his people, including lying to Elyria about who he really is and promising her the answers that she seeks.


But if Elyria trusts the undeniable spark between them, could it turn out to be the one fire she is unable to tame?

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Cal and Elyria's story continues in the fight against Malvat and The Shade. 

August 11, 2023

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