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Most days, you can find Geneva wandering the streets of her small colonial town or snuggling up beside a fire with her husband, son, and two cats. No matter the location, she probably has a book in one hand and a macchiato in the other.


Over the past twenty years, Geneva has visited nearly every continent. She has spent hours exploring temples in Asia, been graced by the generosity of families who welcomed her into their home, danced on South America’s shores, and climbed mountains in Africa to watch the sun rise. It has been her greatest joy to explore the planet’s amazing diversity, and then share that with as many people as she can.


This desire found its home in SUN SERPENT. Geneva writes fantasy kingdoms with complex and nuanced cultures. She draws upon the visual language of the places she’s traveled and combines them to create new landscapes. The end result is a world that feels familiar and yet captures that same wonder she felt during those first steps beyond the boundaries of her childhood home.


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