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I’m off to find the Wizard, and I’m not going to let anyone stand in my way…

Not my vicious Aunt Em, who wants me dead because I tried to expose her human trafficking ring. Not Westin Witcher, who is seeking payback after I killed her cousin. And especially not the dangerous group of smugglers running Yellow Brick Taxi.

I’m at their mercy to get me to the Emerald City, and I’m under no illusions about my unlikely heroes. Hiding beneath Crowe’s protective act is a violent past, and Danny may behave like a king, except he’s really a coward. While Nick is just heartless.

I’ll sacrifice whatever it takes to meet the Wizard and convince him to give me a new life outside of Oz. Plus, I have the ultimate bargaining chip—the emerald I stole from Eastin Witcher.

I just have to make it there alive first…

Dark Oz is a new contemporary why choose, mafia romance series that’s a deliciously dark reimagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Trigger Warnings

Dark Oz is an adult, dark, why choose retelling, where the main character has multiple partners. It is not intended for minors.

Triggers include: human trafficking, abuse, discussion of off page sexual abuse, discussion of off page rape, torture, murder, graphic violence, drug overdose, grief, loss of a parent, explicit sexual content, explicit language, bullying. 

Your mental health matters. 💚

Review copies of Dark OZ will be sent via BookFunnel at the beginning of September.  All reviews must be posted prior to October 6th. Amazon reviews can not be posted until after publication on 10/6/23. Posting on several platforms is kindly requested. 

As always, all reviews are expected to be honest. 

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