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Star Spear,
Sun Serpent Saga Vol. 2


Betrayed to save a kingdom.

Consumed by wrath.

Which will burn hotter, love or vengeance?


Prince Callen Shadow left Innesvale with one goal: Bring the Fire Singer home, no matter the cost. Seduction and lies were easy for him - until her. Now Cal is realizing the cost of saving his kingdom may be losing the only woman he’s ever loved.


Fueled by vengeance and seeking answers about her past, Elyria Solaris leaves the smoldering wreckage of the Great Library and sets sail for Innesvale. But when she arrives, the fearless Fire Singer finds herself facing an unexpected challenge - life at court. As the stakes rise, the lines between love, lust, and betrayal blur.


But the ruthless Lord Malvat will stop at nothing to possess Elyria, and mind control curses were only the beginning. When his pursuit follows them to the palace gates, Elyria must choose between avenging all she’s lost, or embracing her incendiary connection to Cal.


Is their magical bond strong enough to vanquish the looming threat before it engulfs them all?


 “Star Spear” propels readers on an unforgettable adventure, filled with immersive worlds, intense romance, and breathtaking magic. This thrilling second installment of the Sun Serpent Saga will captivate fans of epic fantasy series like “From Blood and Ash,” “Fourth Wing,” and “Throne of Glass.” 

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