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Condemned by lies. Driven by vengeance. 

Bound for death. 


Mine will be the first public execution in a century. Only problem is, I’m innocent.


Well, mostly.


A single bullet shattered my world, bringing down the men who swore to protect me, and stealing my newfound freedom. The Wizard promised salvation, but the only thing I have now is a prison cell and a date with a guillotine.


This entire nightmare was engineered by one woman: the self-proclaimed Queen of Oz. She orchestrated the death of my parents and framed me for her crimes. Now, I’m paying for her sins, and the world loves her for it.


I’ve faced horrors before. My Aunt Em sold me. The Witchers brutalized me. King drugged me. Beaten and betrayed, I always fought my way back. I’ve never been a victim and I’m not about to become one now. The Queen wants a spectacle? She doesn’t know what she’s asking for.


They made me their villain.

It’s time I started acting like one.


Geneva Monroe’s "Dark Oz" series concludes with NO PLACE LIKE HOME, a deliciously dark reimagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Perfect for fans of Tate James, Katee Robert, and Emily McIntire, this pulse-pounding, mafia-inspired romance will leave you breathless. Prepare yourself for a journey where survival is the only rule, and betrayal lurks around every corner.

THE DARK OZ SERIES is not a paranormal or fantasy series. It is an 18+ romantic suspense with dark themes, and the main character has multiple love interests. 

Review copies of No Place Like Home, Dark Oz 3 will be sent via BookFunnel around June 21st.  I ask that all reviews be made prior to June 30th. Amazon reviews can not be posted until after publication on 6/30/24. Posting on several platforms is kindly requested. 

As always, all reviews are expected to be honest. 

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Trigger Warnings 

(provided in pure chaos order)

No Place Like Home is an adult, dark, why choose retelling, where the main character has multiple partners. It is not intended for minors.

Triggers include: human trafficking, abuse, discussion of rape and assault, on page assault, public shaming and degradation, torture, death of a main character/s, rampant blood lust, hunting, drowning, beheading, PTSD, animal attack, electrocution, gaslighting, bondage, heights, bombs, extremely graphic violence and gore, forced drug use, grief, loss of a parent, explicit sexual content, sexual content with multiple partners, explicit language, bullying...and murder, there's lots of murder.

If the content is triggering to you at any time while you are reading, you are in no way required to continue.  Your mental health matters. It will always be more important to me than your review.💚

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